My blood before me begs me Open up my heart again. (xpersephone) wrote,
My blood before me begs me Open up my heart again.

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If consequences dictate my course of action, I should play god and just shoot you myself.

sitting here like a loaded gun.
im waiting, to go off.
ive got, nothing to do but...
shoot my mouth off....

Yeah, so life is life as usual, you know..same old, same old. Yesterday Chance and I went to Josh's house, I'm tired of josh's ignorance. All he does is huff tolliwol ( PAINT THINNER ) like the lame-o he is and..well that's pretty much all he does and it sickens me and that smell makes me want to puke COME ON, who huffs!? retards that's who. ugh.

Oh yeah the other night Me, Chance, Grace and Pillsberry went to the pleasures to try to find this porn with deformed people in it but they only had it at sensations but anyways, we took these numbers from the "personal ad board" and pranked all the desperate people looking for hot sex. We called this gay guy. It was funny.
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