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My blood before me begs me Open up my heart again.

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Ok you know what I'm really pissed off. According to Kati Kimmer EVERYBODY at Anderson High School thinks Chance and I are addicted to pills. HAH! First of all I am not well known at AHS and i'm sure people don't give a fuck about what I do, secondly I'd like to know who the fuck is reading my journal and saying all of this bullshit. I'd like to know if this is just something Kati has said or did somebody REALLY say something to her about it. Yes I admit I take pills occasionally, wtf I can honestly say I'm NOT addicted, that would be like saying someone who occasionally drinks is an alcoholic. I personally think it's all made up bullshit lies unless someone can prove to me it's being said. I fully admit I smoke weed a lot, if they called me a pothead I wouldn't care because it's true, but i'm not addicted to pills and the fact that people are LYING is what's making me so ANGRY!!!

So whoever YOU are.. why don't you leave a comment on my journal...

IM me: my screen name is ; xYourDyingStar

Or give me a call: 602-1697

If you really think I have a problem why don't you say something to me first instead of talking shit about me to everybody. Fucker.

I guess everybody is right, online journals just lead to BULLSHIT, and i'm tired of fucking rumors. I CAN'T WAIT TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF ANDERSON INDIANA AND GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ALL OF THESE IDIOTS.
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